Buyer's Free Spend Review


- Save your organisation up to 30% on your annual spend

- No obligation, no contracts to sign

- Completely free of charge service with no catch

How the spend review work

1. Review

We take a look at your last 3 months spending with your current supplier.

It is a very simple process... all we need is your last 3 months invoices to get started. We will do the rest.

2. Save

Our aim is to reduce your yearly costs up to 30% on previous years.

We achieve this through negotiation and bulk purchase of products from our global suppliers. We then pass on these extra savings to you.

3. Consolidate

Keep your spending with one supplier, with one monthly invoice, with the best prices on the Market.

Save time and money on administration costs and trust us to deliver and consult on your procurement needs.

We supply over 5,000 product lines from cleaning equipment, janitorial supplies & spa and pool supplies and catering disposables.

4. FREE REVIEW with no catch

All this at absolutely no cost to you. 

With no obligation to purchase all we need is your last 3 months invoices and we will do the rest.

5. What are the benefits of using us?

  1. We work with you by sourcing the items you need saving time.
  2. Consolidating your spend to one supplier saves on delivery charges.
  3. We save you time & money in administration costs paying just one monthly invoice to one supplier.
  4. Once you are set up, you can sign in to our website and place your order within a few clicks at your price.
  5. We review all your prices on a yearly basis to see where extra savings can be made year-on-year.

6. How to take it further...

To get started simply call us on 020 7062 0600 or email us 

All we need to get started are copies of the last 3 months invoices or a list of items you purchase on a regular basis together with your current buying prices.

This can be emailed to us to faxed to 020 7062 0601

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